Modern Racism

Tiffany Gilmore, a black woman, was in a walmart parking lot last month when she noticed a license plate that she says "sent shiver down her spine."She said that the licence plate included an abbreviation for a racial slur that encourages hatred toward black people. The license plate was as follows: "DYNGR".While the owner was not identified, the plate has been recalled. It is reported that officials did not talk with the plate's owner to find out the intent of the message.Now you have to wonder. Was the own of the plate in question really trying to promote racism, or was this just a misunderstanding?Source: an unrelated note, I was listening to comedian Russel Peters do a comedy sketch about racism, and while he was making a joke, he brought up a good point.Racism is by no means acceptable, but when do you you draw the line between being racist, and just explaining to someone a person's nationality?If I want to describe a person who has black skin, I naturally say a black person. However, some people seem to believe that is racist.Is it? Is it really?If you have any stories or comments about racism, feel free to post them below.----Other StuffSanta Brings Strippers To Storefront Windows and Worst of 2009: Green Tech Concepts Closes the Gap 

Uploaded 12/15/2009
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