Moral dilemma

Recently, i was given the opportunity by a recruter at school to go by this place and donate sperm.

I have thought long and hard about it. It pays 90 dollars a wack and you can do it every 72 hours. I could really use the money. I mean seriously i could make more money jacking off than i could at my job now. here in lays the problem.

I have no problem going and rubbing one out to get paid. however, after i do so they will take my juice and knock some lady, chick, whatever up with that shit. I just dont think i would be comfortable knowing for the rest of my life i helped spire some basterd child.

They say the process is completely anamous*** but when the child turns 18 then they have the right to know who i am. im 22 so should that situation arise i would be in my 40s with a family of my own. Also, what will i tell the kid.... uh whats up man you're not getting shit out of me. the only reason you exist is i needed some extra money to buy gas beer and cigarettes.... go away.

Also, what the fuck........ well that s it... what the fuck what does everyone think about this one. I mean its not every day you get paid to jerk off.  i dont think im going to do it but who knows.

 opinions please! this has been a fun topic with my friends so everyone loosen up and relax I know everyone in this site is a bad ass inclding myself so have some fun with this one..

Uploaded 09/29/2008
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