Move Over, Oprah!

According to, if John McCain does not win the upcoming presidential election (and, G/d willing, he won't), his running mate Sexy Sarah Palin has received offers to host a talk show from multiple different television networks. Personally, I would be delighted if Governor Palin had a television show. She already seems like a fictional character. She is undeniably rather batshit crazy.

That said, I would totally watch her show. I can only imagine who her guests would be. Her teenage daughter's baby-daddy? Her husbands snowmobile-racing buddies? The pilot of the helicopter she shoots moose and polar bears out of?

I don't really have anything against her as a person. I don't even have anything against her as a politician, as long as she stays in Alaska. (Surprisingly, every single Alaskan I've ever met was equally as batshit crazy as Ms. Palin.) What I have a problem with is that, if McCain should be elected, Palin would literally be one weary, 72-year-old heartbeat away from the presidency. That is a terrifying prospect.

Plus, if the Republican ticket does win the election, who in Alaska would keep an eye on those pesky Russians?

If anyone who reads this is from Alaska, I'm wondering, can you really see Russia from your house?

And for everyone else, would you watch Palin's talk show? Who would you want her to have as guests? Personally, I'm hoping for Katie Couric.

Uploaded 10/26/2008
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