my craziest story EVER...

So the other day I was hangin out with this chick. Nothin special, just went and saw a movie and hung out, no big deal, right?. On the way to drop her off back at her house, I decided I had better stop and get gas because I didn't feel like doing it the next day. After pulling into the first Circle K I saw, I started to get out of the car when she turned to me and asked if she could borrow some money to get a drink inside. I said "Sure no problem, how much you need?" and she turned and looked at me and said..."I need about three-fiddy...." WELL!...It was bout this time I realized this "girl" I had been escorting around all night was about 8 stories tall and was a crustacean from the pezazoic era. I said "GOD dammit lochness monster I ain't givin you no three-fiddy!". He then said "How about just two-fiddy?" and I said "Oh! now its only TWO-fiddy...what?! is there a sale on lochness munchies or somethin!?!" Fed up, I kicked him out of my car right there and rushed home.

Uploaded 04/22/2011
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