My Daddy Rednote.

My daddy Rednote is cool. He likes to post blogs on eBaum's World. Daddy Rednote is a war veteran. He fought in World War II. Daddy Rednote is the greatest daddy because he is nice and cool. He buys me toys from Toys R' Us. 

This one time, Daddy Rednote accidentally dropped a hammer on my toe. Daddy Remote was sorry and he took me to get ice cream. In the car, we listened to Chubby Checker and we both enjoyed the music. We went to get ice cream and I got chocolate and my Daddy Rednote got bubblegum. We both ate the ice cream and we enjoyed it. Daddy Rednote gave me a kiss on the cheek and we went home. Mommy Tyaeda had a fresh batch of cookies and we all laughed and ate the cookies. Daddy Rednote started crying tears of joys and Mommy Tyaeda kissed me on the head. 

My daddy Rednote once saved me from a bully. Her name was Gyps. Gyps called me names and made me eat her soiled panties. Daddy Rednote went to her parents house and told on her. Mommy Gyps and Daddy Gyps grounded Gyps and Daddy Rednote saved the day. 

The End. 

Uploaded 10/04/2011
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