My Insomnia, Revisited

So last time I wrote, I couldn't sleep.

Well we've made about a HAIR of progress since then, but for me it's always one step forward and two steps back. Last night I took 3 sleeping pills (2 ambien, 1 melatonin) with hopes of being able to fall into a slumber. Since I had my surgery I have to take about 6 pills twice a day. Really sucks with the sleeping problems because I always seem to be asleep when I am scheduled to take my pills. Well, I ended up falling asleep around 7am (this is good that I went to sleep) and woke up at 7:46 am (this is not so good). So, yes, last night I slept for 46-minutes and woke up on my own -- no alarms, no full bladder, nothing -- as if I had gotten an entire night's sleep.

At this point I no longer impress myself. It is old news. It bores me that I have anxiety beyond my wildest dreams, so much that I'm plagued with these sleepless nights. Oh, the other reason I was writing.

So apparently I took my medication twice this morning. I only say so because I threw up. And the second time I took it I had to think really really hard about whether that last time was yesterday or today. I looked back through my other blog to see if I had written anything about it, and noticed in the comments how someone on Ambien had memory problems and everyday seemed to blur into the next.

That's how it's working out for me. I did some research and it appears for a rare amount of people, Ambien has the opposite effect. Well, here I am again.

Uploaded 08/09/2008
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