My Life is on hold because of "Religion" yet again.

     I tried to move some money from my brokerage to my bank recently.  They took 2 days and rejected it at the end of the day yesterday.  Their reason?  Insufficient funds to cover pending purchases.  I do have a pending purchase, but it's contingent on a pending sale.  It's a "triggered" purchase.  This means they can NOT execute the purchase without executing the sale, therefore the purchase is already covered by the sale.

     Well, since they were closed, I got up this morning bright and early to call them in order to attempt to teach them 3rd grade math.  The following message ruined my whole day:  We are sorry, but we are closed in observance of "Good Friday".  (Jesus was Hanged on a WEDNESDAY, and rose on a "SATURDAY"--what's so good about "Friday"?)


    Well, I guess I'll go call the IRS about that question I've been trying to get an answer for... oh wait.  Hmm, well, I'll go mail a package... oh wait.  Nope... I guess I'll spend the rest of the weekend on Ebaum's World, trolling the trollable...



Uploaded 04/06/2012
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