My View on GunZ!

To start with I will state my views on guns and gun ownership.

Every law abiding person with sound mind should be allowed to own a gun.
ADDENDUM: Those laws must reflect my belief system. Mexican, Taliban, Al Qaeda, Sharia, Islamic, Somalian, Sudan, Iranian, Syrian or Yemen laws would not fit into my belief system. Neither would law of the jungle, small children,  not yet prosecuted criminals, and people with drug addictions. 

Alcohol addicted trailer park trash of any color, religion or political stripe that regularly get drunk to the point that their fighting is disturbing the other drunk fighting trailer trash to such a degree that the latter have to call the police so that they can carry on with their argument in peace and quiet. 

Included, would be those people with low self esteem who are vulnerable to verbal  attacks by people who are tribal in nature. Of course, I would include the people who are tribal in nature to my list of people who should not be allowed to own guns, not because I think they will shoot anyone, but because they are naturally unintelligent and their leader is a douche. 

To be on the safe side, I would also exclude people who keep a loaded gun inside their home with curious children around. The person who is easily infected with road rage should also be banned from carrying a fire arm.

In regards to guns and marital dynamics, after some discussions with the parties, I would suggest those who have partners of dubious loyalties be considered candidates to restrictions of gun ownership.

As far as issuing people with sound minds a fire arm permit, who will decide that they are of sound mind and by which standards? Osama Bin Laden was considered of such a sound mind that the CIA armed and hired him as an operative. What about that Arab Major who "lost his mind" and killed some American soldiers?  Tell me, who the fuck decides who is of sound mind?

Seriously, farmers need guns to protect their livestock, soldiers need guns to protect their borders, police need guns to protect their citizens and a man needs a gun to protect his family.

Invading forces need guns to invade, criminals need guns to steal, jealous husbands and wives want to kill their spouses, drug addicts use guns to get crack,  terrorist or freedom fighters need guns to create terror.  

So tell me who decides? I'll tell you who. The guy with the gold and the biggest gun.  And until the hippy dippy bullshit conscientiousness of man relieves itself from self indulged tunnel vision, they are placing their foreheads against the barrel of a shotgun and you better hope that son of a bitch is "Of sound mind and has no criminal record".  

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