Neko's Reviews of Deeply Psychologistic Movies: Death Wish

Ohayou, guys! Now that most mainstream movies copy the same cliches and it's not easy to find a movie with new concept, there are still movies like Death Wish. It's rare because it focuses on the problem of phone call scams.

You probably get stupid ads about winning a million dollars and that you need to send in your name to this number and things like that at least once a week. It's irritating and most people just ignore this, usually after figuring out it was a trick after the first text they've sent. There's an urban legend that says if you call a certain number at midnight, you're dream will come true. When people call the number, it downloads a virus onto the cell phone, which reconnects with the number for hours, resulting with the person who called having to pay a bill equal to about 15 000 dollars. This is when the psychologistic part comes in.

A group of teenagers learns about the number and they all call it for different reasons, hiding the fact that they've done it from their peers. The callers somehow get what they wished for, which seems like some kind of a devil's trick at the beginning. It turns out one of them is working for the woman who arranges the calls and... who has a website where she posts clips of the teenagers killing themselves as soon after receiving the bill.

Interesting, huh? The psychologic aspect of the young people's reaction is a treat. They react differently to the situation - one of them kills herself, the other doesn't really care because her family's rich, another has to work as a prostitute to pay off the debt. There's a lot of strange misunderstandings and it all leads to the phone call. It appears that all who received it eventually kill themselves or die, like from a curse.

There's a lot of people who spent fortunes on the phone bills when they've got their first cell phones and their parents had to pay. The movie's plot shows a situation similar to that. The amount of money to pay is exorbitant. The film shows what effects a money scam can have on people's lives and how degraded a person can become when taking part in it

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