New blogging technique

I just learned about a new blog technique I learned about today at a free blogging seminar at the local family planning clinic.  Basically, you just write whatever comes to you, sort of like a stream of consciousness, but keeping particular attention to the sounds around you.  It is termed "blogging realism."  Here goes nothing:

I'm sitting here, in my room. Good to be alive, sometimes... just heard a crack in the walls.  Wonder what makes those cracks?  Always wondered. Cicadas doing their thing outside.  Ooo, lil cicada, come fly with me.  Reminds me of my mama singing to me.  I hear Mrs. Tophet across the hall talking on the phone.  Who's she talking to?  Are they in a distant land?  Every phone call is a journey.  Someone just flushed their toilet.  I hear the water running through the pipes.  One day that water will be part of the ocean.  A mighty ocean.  But now it's got faeces in it.  I am a man.  Big strong man.  On a little planet.  A lonely little planet.  Help me.  Help me.

Whew, that's enough for today.  I feel really drained now.

Uploaded 07/21/2008
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