Nice guy????????

Way back during the Jimmy Carter years people were getting laid off quicker than you can rub one out on break. OK I will not make this political although I am so glad to have made it out of the Carter years. I was working for a steel company and at that time the Korean steel market starting dumping cheap steel in our great country and people started getting laid off. Every week somebody would get the ax and about this time they hired a new manager for our company and he brought along call boxes and every morning he would yell into that damn box, barking orders and I answered back fuck you and he threatened to lay me off. Now maybe this would have bothered me if I wasn't already the next to go. Two days later this PRICK gets on the box and tells me, and everybody there could hear that I am laid off. Nice guy right?

I told him when I left that day that I would be back and I would see him go before me, to shorten the story I got called back 6 months later and he got fired 6 months after that. When I heard that, you know what I did........yes on the box I yelled BILL is fired and Karma is a nasty bitch.  What is your "got fired story".


Thanks for reading Bohank 

Uploaded 07/30/2009
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