No such thing as Pro-McCain, just Anti-Obama

All I ever seem to read in the comments from aggressive conservatives is attacks against Obama, and several of them I actually agree with, but what I want to know is why do you support McCain?  I would like to think that many of you go past the "Lesser of Two Evils Argument", but in all honesty, over the last couple weeks I haven't seen shit to make me believe you actually support your own Canidate.  Heres a couple choice blogs I've seen from this area Denouncing Obama, without actually showing any real support for McCain or what he would do in the same situation.


1.) (My favorite) Obama is the Anti-Christ

2.) Obama the Socialist hates Oil

3.) Obama is a Flip-flop

4.) Obama hates the Constitution

5.) Obama is lieing to everyone

These are just blogs, some of my favorite attacks are done through the Comment section, but I'm sure you'll see a good half dozen below this blog, so I'll just let them reveal themselves.

Now I'll be fair, there are several blogs which show support for McCain, but usually its tied into arguments about "Unfair Attacks" from the Liberals in the Democratic party against their golden boy.  Once again however, nothing is spoken about the Canidates policies.

I challenge you, either in a Blog or through a comment below, to actually state- without attacking Obama, why you are voting for McCain.  Or, if you HAVE to try and claw at a Nominee, I would like to see why you hate Biden.  I'll repeat.  Show me your reasons FOR McCain, and not AGAINST Obama.

Uploaded 09/17/2008
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