No such thing as trolls? Then how do you explain all the dead un

Okay so its 3:08 am and here I am lying in bed with the lights out typing on my laptop. This site has got to be the best place in the world to go between searching up porn and watching episodes of Metalocalypse. I love that show. 

Anyways I was watching some random porn clips tonight because really I have nothing better to do and I consider myself a deviant and I stumbled upon this video of a girl fucking herself with a dildo attached to a big fucking wooden thing and the reason I thought this video was so great was she seemed to be genuinly enjoying herself. it wasn't just that fake ass porn star moaning like you hear so much of and in a certain sense has become the soundtrack to my life. (watch out people Im gonna go blind soon). The noises she made and her facial expressions whenever the camera cut back to her face made the whole thing feel so natural and real it was seriously one of the best wanks I ever had. And I didn't just turn it off as soon as I came which is what I normally do. I cum, clean up and then go find something else like some music videos or funny videos or just bullshitting around eBaums. I finished the video, felt like a girl working that hard at something deserves to get her whole video watched. Of course I cant respect her too much I mean she does have a video of her masturbating on the internet so there goes my basis of respect right there, But still she at least should have people aware she s a slut who works hard.

Oh and another thing this dude sent me a link to a webpage for this one guy one cup thing which I thought was gonna be a joke making fun of the 2 girls one cup video which left me shaking and unable to watch anything to do with porn for weeks. But low and fucking behold its a real thing, basically this guy sticks a glass (like a drinking glass, like a tumbler) in his ass whole and right when he gets to the end where the bottom is flat out of his anus, the glass shatters. The bottom flys off and this guy is picking glass out of his ass while a pool of blood is forming around him and getting bigger and bigger just pouring out of his cornhole.  Okay I dont know how it ends I couldn't finish it. And for me thats saying something I mean, I finished the 2 girls 1 cup video and everyone knows that that one ended badly as well.

Im not worried about getting any gay comments on this about watching a video of a naked man sticking things in his ass, Because its not like I was hogging my horn during it and I like to see fucked up shit, And I got money saying pretty much everyone on eBaums likes to see fucked up shit too. And the people who dont like to see fucked up shit probably aint reading my blogs anyway so they can go fuck themselves. ( I know I like to give myself the daily rub & tug)

The last blog I put up I got some pretty cool comments on people trying to help me out and I just wanna throw in my thanks to them out there, they should consider this a big deal because I dont fucking do shout-outs normally. This isn't a fucking rap video.

Anyways now Im getting tired again and Im thinking about getting up to get something to drink but that sounds like work so Im thinking no. But fuck me running is it ever hot in here now. People always gotta crank the fucking heat up just cause its winter. God damn its called a sweater! But my friends say when I say that I sound like a fucking grandpa. but seriously its fucking hot in here. and even if your a smart person who doesn't go to every fucking link there buddies send them like I do, you should at least see the video of the girl fucking herself. Hell straight women would find that hot. (I think?)

Now its 3:31 am its time to find some porn I haven't seen yet masturbate, then drink some apple juice and fall asleep. Goodnight Internet. Untill next time I say something more fucking wierd.

*I removed the links at the request of some person on eBaums. I dont know why I went along with it. Maybe I'm just in a good mood, If you want the links then just send me a message and I'll give em to you okay*

Uploaded 01/15/2009
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