Obama in Florida

Obama was talking to a large crowd a couple days ago here in Florida. I watched him on TV to see if I could find some shit to talk about him, However, I was very disappointed.

Why was I disappointed? Because, he did not say one single bad thing on TV Two days ago. I was surprised and a little irritated at the same time.

Now, dont get the wrong idea here, I am not totally changing my opinion about Obama, but he had some very good ideas and I hope he will actually do the things he said he wants to do.

He did get the stimulus package passed by Congress. He also wants to create a lot of new jobs and drastically reduce our dependency on oil. He wants to create a bunch of plants that produce energy with wind, water and solar energy. That means we will use much less oil and gas and that could, theoretically bring down the gas prices. Gas companies will not be happy about it, but, who cares, fuck them! They have been screwing us for too long; it is our turn now to screw them back!

His top priority is to fix our economy, which is what Bush ruined and did not even attempt to fix! He did not care at all! Nor did he care about high gas prices.

Obama gave the Bush administration a D on his job of fixing the economy. I think that is quite generous of him. Because I would only give the Bush administration an F-! In fact, I would not even be that nice to them, I would have to say a zero! Because giving someone an F means they put forth a little effort and failed. Bush did not even try, because he did not seem to care.

While Obama was taking questions from the crowd, he called on a college student who was working at McDonalds. The guy was studying communications. He wanted to be a DJ or do something else in broadcasting. When he asked his question about Health care in the US, he had a loud and energetic voice.  After Obama was done with his speech, the next day, the staff at a sports stadium contacted him and hired the guy as a sports announcer!

Another lady stood up in the crowd and said she was living in her car with a young kid. Obama came and gave her a hug, then he had his staff talk to her when he was done. One of his staff members hooked her up with a house to stay in, at least temporarily.

McCain would not be doing any of this. He would have been four more years of Bush. I still dont like the fact that Obama has no experience and no military background, but, despite that and a few other things, he just might do a good job. I hope he does save our economy and create a lot of good jobs here in FL because there are not a lot of high paying jobs and very few industrial jobs here, he or someone else needs to change that.

Obama is still not my favorite President, but, he sounds like he has a lot of good ideas and I hope he does a good job.


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