Obama Nude

HILARIOUS... you have to go to the site to see the new photo... about died laughing. I mean really... we are taking this political campaign to a whole other limit in the media. Some pretty funny stuff heading up there though :) Gotta give it to Weekly World News for keeping it funny!\

CAMBRIDGE, MA - The shocking photo obtained by Weekly World News reporter Hideaki Tailor reveals that Obama revealed himself during his time at Harvard Law School.

In order to pay his way though Harvard Law, Barack Obama posed nude for several sessions of a figural drawing class.

Why had this been a secret for so long? Retired sculptor and art professor Lorraine Feinbaum explained, “Back then he only went by the nickname, ‘Stallion,’ as he was quite fit but slender.

“I was watching the debates the other night and thought Obama looked familiar. I dug through my old photographs and found this picture, and then I just put two and two together!”

The nude revelation in the middle of campaign is causing heart palpitations on either side of the aisle. Republicans are concerned he would take his clothes off for money, while Democrats have supported his decision.

“As the child of a working-class family, he did what he needed to do in order to get his first-class education,” explained Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives.



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