Obsevations from the less complicated................

I read all these blogs about what is happening to our beloved blog section and it makes me think about what it is in the first place. A place to play? Yea maybe to some. A place to bitch? Yea for most of us. A place to unburden and confess in anonymity? Oh God yes. The point is I think that this blog section cannot be easily defined, I am not the member with the most time on ebaums but I have been here since the blogging started. It has went in several directions and it suffered for so long without any real identity but that is not so any more. Just look at how we fight to keep it going. Take Ellimem's blog tonight, I like ell alot and to me he is and will always be the heart and soul of this blog section, he didnt ask for the title but he has it and now I can hear the concern in his blogs about the dwindling regulars. You have this ideal of what the blog section should be and now it is changing yet again like some butterfly coming out of its cocoon. All these new people coming in and posting for points or to just be a dick and its just Different.


I see ebaums blog section as home for the "usual suspects" or the dysfunctional family because we come in and make an impression and spread our wings and someday later we pop back in and need to be abused or hugged or just to rant to people who know us. What I know is last night somebody who I dont really know said "hey bitch suck me off" and you know what? It's OK because I might feel the same way and want to say it myself and it is pretty damn nice to have a place to do it at. I dont know if any of this made sense or not and that is Ok too because I know what I am saying. lol


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 11/25/2008
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