Of Chicago Boys, Economic Hitmen, Disaster capitalism and Radica

Milton Friedman through the University of Chicago creates the Chicago Boys, a collection of economists who through political and military might influence South American Countries to do business their way.

Influences might start with diplomatic means, big smile make nice nice.

That don't work take a bribe. No?

OK, propaganda and some arm twisting. Take the loan at high interest to build infrastructure. Oh yeah! We own the infrastructure, but you guys pay for it. Throw in the resources to cover the interest PLEASE!!!

Don't like it? Please hold. Get Black Ops, we have an assignment.

Failed Coup? Smuggle Cocaine, buy weapons give them to Rebels! FREEDOM!!!

Milton Friedman and Chicago Boys Haliburton and Main foam at mouth.... Clean Slate, untouched canvas for our creations.

Hurricane Katrina did what we couldn't do exclaims Republican Governor. Housing projects stopped. Undesirables moved away. Oh look George! all this prestigious land for the taking!

Tsunami hits Indonesia, wipes away poor fishermen off the beautiful coastline.Welcome Best Western and Mr. Hilton please take to the beaches.

Way of life for thousands of fisher people destroyed! We got cleaning jobs. Why catch fish? You can clean shit!

What? Another earthquake in Haiti concentrating its enormous destructive powers on the poorest of the poor? And God did smite the weak. Look at the bright side, unrepayable loans to the Banksters. Haliburton foams at mouth.

Play me the HAARP oh sacred Angels!

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