Ok here we go

This is kind of in response to ELLIMEM'S blog about just posting pointless blogs even though you might get flammed all over the Internet!!

So now that I was just typing the first part of this blog I thought to myself...

"You know I have started to see the word "Flammed" all over some of these blogs in the past few weeks...wonder how that started..hmm"

And now I think well what could have that originated from??  Maybe the word Owned?  or Pwned?  Stuff like that is kind of funny to me, like when people use the word "Pr3n" or "Pron" for the word "porn" lol I wanted to make the real word little lol cause its a funny word that makes people blush sometimes....crap hold on I have to do something here at work be back in 2 mins

*4mins later*

Ok sorry that took so long!!  But this morning my boss tells one of my co-workers to go take a shower?!?!?  Now where did that come from??  That was the most random thing i've heard today!!  I guess we could all just start saying random things like....Food Club lol or piss in your mouth...sorry thats one I used to say when I would go bowling with my friends and I would do bad. lol

So I think to far can I take a pointless blog?  right now this isn't starting to seem so pointless unless you count how none of it make any sense...I hope you're still reading this lol cause I know I wouldn't be...or would I??

I have a Samsung Juke, its red...and Auto Loan rates are dropping.  And then you wake up next to your spouse and notice she's still asleep and her throat is not cut after all lol hahhahah  sleeping dreams woo!!  Hold on again I have something to do here at the desk real quick

ok done....and done

Uploaded 07/25/2008
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