On a serious note about my recent aquisition of 700,000,000,000

One of the things that really angers me about all this is the political rhetoric that is flying around. Both parties are equally to blaim in this huge catastrophe of a fuck up and to see one or the other party try to assume the "high ground" or claim some type of moral indignation is truly laughable. The "idea" I find most interesting is the salary caps for bailout execs. I am quite sure that this little social experiment will work wonderfully. If the g'ment has to come in and bail out your sorry ass then they should get to decide how much money you get; fair enough, I guess. Unfortunately, the flip side of that coin is now these will be the worst paid (ie dumbest) execs in the business and a bunch of g'ment beurocrats will be telling them how to operate. Oh, I am quite certain these businesses will be solvent in no time and as Paulson claims the G'ment will recoup its losses through the resell of these worthless asstes. They should have just let them die, it would have been cheaper, easier and now it is an inevitability anyway.

The thing that really pisses me off is that the politicians on both sides have been saying "we have to keep people in their houses". KEEP PEOPLE IN THEIR FUCKING HOUSES??!?!??!? These are the same piece of shit people who bought the same houses that they couldnt afford in the first place and now it is our responsibility as the taxpayer to make sure they stay in these houses that they could not and will not be able to afford??!?! These scumbag parasites are now absolved of all responsibility for the idiotic decisions that they made? REALLY?

This whole thing kind of hits me in a personal way because of the humiliation of bankruptcy that I had to endure 10 years ago over a sum of money which is far, far less than any of these trash mortgages on half-million dollar vacation homes. I made a series of really dumb business decisions and for that I paid a very severe price and rightly so. But here is the difference: I was a business owner that provided jobs to people and acttually contributed to the economy. I was certainly not living the "high life" and simply borrowing for my own pleasure and in a vain effort to keep up appearances for my neighbors' sake. These parasites were nothing more than consumers. They simply consumed things they couldn't afford and now they get to keep those things, with absolutely no consequence and at others' expense. The latest is that Reid and Pelosi want to include all forms of debt in the bailout including credit card debt. They want the government to pay for simple consumerism. Gross.


Uploaded 09/22/2008
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