On your side? Are you kidding?

People always baffle me when they think god(s) is on thier side. It never made much sense, that divine beings would go around playing favorites with any of creation. what people fail to understand is anything that's good for you is evil for something. every triumph you have deprived someone or something of thier food somewhere. your every failure gives hope to some who had none sometimes too. everything has to go somewhere and all resources are used eventually, so every use is good for some and evil for others. Asking gods to give you help is asking them to play favorites, tho chose you ahead of all others and deliberately cause disadvantage to some other being for your sake. it's supremel arrogant and completely unrealistic. Why would the gods favor you? because you asked them to? do you really have any respect for a god that behaves that way? If a human with alot of power went around playing favorites, disadvantaging people as he chose to so he could grant favor to those who he felt like it, everyone would think he was an asshole. even if you're just asking to overcome a sickness, a virus is alive and you're asking to be given precedence over it. I hate to break it to you, but you're not special just because you're mor aware then some other life forms, that's just a trait of your species. It doesn't make the gods love you more. If there are gods they would hold everything sacred, and let them compete on and on. that's why they made it so everything is good for some and evil for others, it's the best they could do. So that means you're on your own. don't think that maybe the gods don't care about you, because they care about all life, they just won't help you. that wouldn't be very godlike.

Uploaded 07/24/2008
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