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Inspired by Tyaeda and Dangle's parents blogs.

I will try to keep this short I swear, no guaranty.

I am a product of the so-called parents in those two blogs. My mom and dad divorced when I was 3 or so. Mom remarried and popped out 3 more kids in 5 years. I love my brothers and sister but we all definitely have problems because of the way were raised. (Or lack of raising really.)

My dad is a raging, self centered, sexist, racist, alcoholic. That's why my mom bailed. The man she married after him was a decent guy, for awhile anyway. They seperated shortly after the birth of my lil sis. My mom turned to alcohol and drugs on an extreme scale. Taking care of the 4 of us became the last thing on her to-do list very quickly. She had a different boyfriend every week or so and when she wasn't with a man she was drugged/drunk into oblivion.

I took care of my brothers and sister because no one else would. Our house was a disgusting mess. I was embarrassed of my mother and the way we lived. We grew up in the worst of welfare neighborhoods where we were often beat up for the simple fact of being white. Drugs and neglect ran rampant on an epic scale in those places. Mom never knew where any of us were or what we were doing, she didn't care. As long as she had drugs and a piece of shit boyfriend she was good.

Then one day...........she never came home. SHE BAILED ON US!!! Her entire family had disowned her by then. No one wanted us. My dad was nowhere to be found. My sibs dad was in prison. After 3 days of being alone in a house with no food and taking care of my sibs, 2 of which were still in diapers, (and of course there were no diapers in the house) I called my Aunt for help...I was 8 years old for fuck's sake!!! Within 72 hours of that phone call we were products of the state. My mom was brought up on abandonment charges and the 4 of us were dropped into a shelter care(place for kids with no one to claim them waiting for foster placement.) A fucking nightmare!!!

We were immediately seperated (way to go state!) and put in foster care. I spent the next 6 years in 8 or maybe even 9 different homes. Most were not much better than where we were beforehand.

I have seen many horrors in my lifetime but none compare to watching people neglect their children. I agree with Tyaeda...if you need a license to drive you should need a license to parent. If you don't pass the parent test....sterilization! And to whoever will say "That sounds pretty 1984ish Deunan" has obviously never seen the dregs of our society first hand. Live in the aforementioned world for just a few weeks and YOU WILL CHANGE YOUR MIND!!!

I hate admitting this but WTF......for those of you who may believe that this kind of shit doesn't stay with you forever.....................I cried from the 4th paragraph on. (bash away)


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