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So today after work I stopped by a local Evangelical church to have a meeting with their Pastor. I had called him yesterday and asked for some of his time. This guy doesn't know me from Adam(pun intended). But, was more than willing to give me some of his time.

I was respectful to him and he in turn with me. Even a 20yr church Pastor cannot define "faith" for me, he was practically speechless. Please keep in mind that I was not attacking this guy I wanted to know what it is that makes him believe. When religious people are questioned by a relatively intelligent source who can quote scripture as well as they can they generally have nothing to say that I haven't heard before.

When questioned about God's wrath, anger and vengeance he had no retort. I assumed he would try to counter with God's love, acceptance and patience but even he admitted the bible doesn't say much about that. He did try to flip to Jesus' love and acceptance which I don't question at all. I am in agreement with him there. IF Jesus ever existed. He could very well be a fictional character derived by men who were sickened by man's wickedness, trying to get people to follow a path of goodness and love and acceptance is definitely a virtuous mission.

Did I learn anything after over an hour with this guy? No. Will we talk again? Yes. Do I still believe there is no God? Yes. Can this Pastor or his church do anything to change the way I think? Doubtful, but it should be fun trying. Being an above average intelligence atheist in a room full of above average intelligence religionists can be very amusing.



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