People are getting offended too easily these days


A lot of people are getting upset very easily these days. It is pissing me off.

You cant even wish someone a merry Christmas any more without some ass hole getting offended by it! When you say Merry Christmas today, some idiot might say, I am Jewish you ass hole, you just offended me and ruined my whole day! I am going to sue!

We should just say, calm down and get over it you jack ass!

I am Christian and if someone wishes me a happy Chanukah, I will just say, Thanks, you too. Then I will walk away and forget about it. But there has to be a bunch of people out there who get upset over it.

People will sometimes go to the grocery store and get pissed off if the cashier does not look them in the eyes and at least try to talk to them for a min. Then they dont have the guts to say anything to the cashier about the fact that they were bothered by something so trivial, so they go home and call the manager and say, Your cashier was rude to me! I do not like that! He did not talk to me or look at me. All he did was ring up my groceries and take my money! That was uncalled for.

When I go to a store, I could care less if the cashier talks to me or looks me in the eye or anything. I am not there to talk to the cashier any way. The only exception is if I have a reason to talk to them. Maybe I need to ask them a question, or they are a friend of mine or the cashier is a woman who is hot as hell and I want to get a date with her. Which I have done a few times. Other than that, I dont give a rats ass about the person behind the counter and I know they dont really care about me either. Why should they go out of their way to talk to every customer that comes in the store whom they dont know and they dont care about? Then they will just say the same thing to every person that comes into the store: How is the weather today? Or something equally stupid.


These days you cant get away with telling vulgar jokes any more. I can tell a nasty, sex joke to a group of guys and a woman standing 15 Ft. away, can over hear the joke and sue me for sexual harassment. WTF is up with that shit?

First of all, she should have just minded her own business and ignored the joke if she did not like it. She knows that men often like to tell sick jokes. Get over it! It is just a damn joke!

If a guy is telling a joke and a woman overhears it and she doesnt like it, when it wasnt any of her business in the first place and she should have been minding her own business, whose fault is that? Did that guy really commit a Crime? I dont think so. (BTW, she would be guilty of a crime herself. Listening in on other peoples conversations is a crime!)

The word Sexual Harassment used to be pronounced differently than it is today. Why? Because some dumb ass old lady complained about it! She said, I am offended by the word Harassment! It sounds like you are talking about Her Ass! So they had to change the pronunciation to HairEsMint. Now, how stupid is that?

Now, even guys will occasionally get offended at some things women do or say. Usually men will not press charges over it though. In one case a man heard some women talking about feminine issues. He just asked them to please stop talking about that stuff around him.

Women, think about this: If you saw a man running around in nothing but his underwear, you would look, wouldnt you? Well men see women running around in nothing but a bikini or a skimpy dress and they look at her. Then she gets pissed off and says it is sexual harassment and he should not be looking at her at all! Well, think about it, if you wear attractive cloths and put on a bunch of make up to look really sexy, every man in the bar is going to look at you. So in that case, the women know that and if they dont want men to look, they should just use common sense and not dress like that. Wearing cloths like that and not expecting men to look, that is sexual harassment, wouldnt you agree guys?

Why are people getting so sensitive about stupid things like this these days? These people need to calm down, grow up and get over it!

Uploaded 12/14/2008
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