The PETA are a group of animal rights activists. you probably saw the south park episode with them in in recently. I've always hated them however. I especially hate their methods. I believe that we shouldn't tortcher weaker animal ("you can tortcher weaker humans but not animals"- PETA)  and I somewhat believe that we should have animal rights but what they are doing is accomplishing absolutely nothing (Just like Bush, this statement has no relevence I just felt I had to say that). First they went to the city of Hamburg and asked them to change there name to Veggieburg (solves nothing. solves FUCKING NOTHING WHAT A BUNCH OF HACK BITCHES). and if they changed their name, Peta will give there schools 1,000 veggie burgers. What the fuck is a school of carnivores going to do with Veggie Burgers. next they went to the town of Fishkill and asked them to change thier name to Fishsave... ahem... FUCK THEM RIGHT IN THE EAR 5 FUCKING TIMES AND THEN THROW THEM OFF A CLIFF. IS THAT GOING TO SAVE DUCKS, IS IT GOING TO MAKE PEOPLE FEEL MORE LOVING TOWARDS DUCKS. NO, NO, all it will do is make people feel that the PETA is extremely incompetant. Then, the last one I've heard and the dumbest one. they wanted the Happy cow commercial in california taken off TV. PETA said that the cows werent happy and that the commercials should say that they are being slaughtered. ok first, how the hell do they know how a cow feels. all a cow does is come in sleep go out get milked and eat and its content. It's not like they really have any where to go. and second Milk cows aren't slaughtered you stupid bastards. There meat is horrible. they are used for milk and technically they are very content. Misinformed Pricks... anyway thats all I got on them now

Uploaded 01/28/2009
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