Plant Native Species, Asshole

So your thinking of doing some landscaping and your trying to decide what to plant. There are many types of decorative plants available, however many of them are not native to this country and possibly not your region of the country. So Please use native plants as the majority of your selections.


Why you ask?


Native plants support native insects, which in turn support native animals and birds, which in turn support other birds and animals on up the food chain. It also helps to regenerate the native plants. Most plants and animals have evolved together. this means that a bird or insect that eats specific types of plants can't just switch to another type if the one they are accustom to disappears.


Some non-native species are highly invasive. They will over take the native plants and choke them out. This happens because there are very few insects or animals that can eat them. So they are ignored while the surrounding natives get over-grazed.


Migratory birds are losing their corridors for migration due to development that clears away native forest and replace it with asphalt grass and non-native plantings. This has lead to the reduction of many migratory bird populations by 50% or more.


Don't you want to do your part to save the little birdies.


It's a circle of life thing.


Now back to the latest cat fight with Neko.

Uploaded 04/16/2011
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