Political Veiw from a military standpoint

God I hate writing these thing just because................I a writing,

With the up coming elections alot of people been asking me, "you've been in the military going on 10 years, so whats your opion on the president elects".

Truthfull I tell them, I really don't give a shit honestly except for one quality, Best man for the job. But as for this election, the election for "CHANGE" aka propaganda BS, I'm going for John MCain......and here's my reason why.

In 2004 my wife and I were stationed in Hawaii, "I know what your thinking already, sweet!". No it wasn't. See my wife has Lupus. It is an auto immune disease that attacks well everything inside your body at random. We ended up in Trippler Army Medical Center, aka Crippler for the military folks.

My wife was hospitalized for about a week and it was pure hell on her. Her bed mate was a Navy Spouse with I might add a Brain tumor. She kept ringing for the nurse just to get a pillow. 2 hours later .....nothing.

I had enough and walked out to find her. This young 2nd leutenate was sitting there reading an US Magazine. I asked her politely if she could please send someone in to check on my wife and her bed mate. her reply " I'm kinda busy".

I FUCKING HAD IT! with this fucking young officer and someone had to put her in her place. So I did what any good Sergeant in the Marines do. Chewed her a new fucking ass! Low and behold enlisted do do that to officer but this was truely a life or death thing going on here. She ended up crying like a little bitch ran into the break room MP's were called on me and I had a gaurd on me for a couple hours.

The next day my father in Law got ahold of John MCains secretary, and told him the scoop. Now being in the military its is a silent sin to do such a thing. But it had to be done. Being from AZ he's my congressman too. I couldn't believe the results.

I didn't expect anything. But we got a Letter 4 Days later telling us he would personnely handle this issue of Sailors and Marines being treated differen'tly

Another 3 Days later a three star came up to us And said she was sorry for this type of treatment and it would get fixed. "Ended up in the Hospital again",  Turned out it was the commanding Genall of the Tripler.

Well my from that time on and many other's got better treatment while visiting the hospital. John MCain Personnely helped me out. I wasn't an Officer, nor a higher rank,Just a Sergeant of Marines doing the right thing. MCCain helped us out when all other politicans are to busy playing golf or buying hookers or something. But in reality he took time out to help just one person my wife. And it Spread to many others. And to many other Military medical Centers world wide.

So there you have it he's got my vote.

Uploaded 08/23/2008
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