PrintRoomDan's Best Of 2010










Hmm.. This could be a stretch, as most videos popular in 2010 were years old.

Also because my memory is sketchy at best.


#1 Inception Cat


Never before has a parody video had so little to do with the film that it's parodying.

But for some reason it works and is pure win, made better by the tag line 'give him the kick'



#2 Will Ferrel Throws Out


 A cleverly disguised Ferrel chugs beer and throws his balls all over the place in this emotional rollercoaster of a video. This guy can do no wrong.... yes I've seen The Other Guys!



#3 Double Rainbow Song


All hail the year that has given us many classic auto tuned silliness, the rainbow song being one of the greatest in the bunch. I would purchase this song... Then again, I own the Hoff single 'Jump In Car'




#4 Perv Kitty


Who would have though that watching a cat have some sort of possible stroke would be so funny.. You can see the anguish in the cat's face, they hate being laughed at.




#5 Thrust Assisted Stage Dive


This is what happens when you miss rehersals, they showed the video to the guy afterwards, he then realised why he is suddenly 'forever alone' during sex.




#6 Commercial Dummies


Very well edited together, this bunch of idiotic actors is funny by it's self but it also made us aware of an evil blight on this earth... A product that covers cleavage, come on really!? For some girls thats all they've got!




#7 Bed Intruder Song


Another amazing auto tune treat.. Apparently Antoine Dodson thought it was open mic 'news' night.




#8 Watermelon Vs Face


Now.. I'm a limey so not sure what this show is but any show that gives us a point blank watermelon to the face of a contestant is worth a watch. No time for the EMT's love, get back up and launch more melons at that suit of armour.




#9 Dog And Baby Have The Time Of Thier Lives


We all need videos like this.. To give us that warm feeling and remind us of simpler times, times when we didn't need to see the latest boob gallery to make it though the week.




#10 The Rent Is Too Damn High


Just a still picture of this guy would have been epic.. What with his facial hair and odd black gloves. The looks he gets from the other dudes is priceless.





Refrash PrintRoomDan, hmm... Nice ring to it.

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