Public Beatings

Ok by now everyone has heard about that 16 kid that had went onto the intercom at Wal-Mart and told all black to leave the store,  now that was a lil funny  but that lil shit head just made my work place even harder. That same day all stores nation wide had taken all the phones that any customers could get to off the sales floor, we used these to get in touch with our managers  especially over night. Now it is a pain in the ass to get in touch with a manager ( most time there are only 2 overnight and are busy all over store). I think we should make public flogging legal  age would be 15 and to 60. If they get caught doing some stupid shit like this kid did  would be about 5 swats with a large wodden paddle, i dont care who's kid it was ( special ed kids would be exempt of course  but then parents that were there would be held repsonsible). It wouldnt matter if it was the fucking Mayor's kid   would get same treatment. I am serious about this  not a joke.

Uploaded 03/26/2010
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