Questioning my faith.

   Lately I have been putting a lot of things together and I have been questioning if there really is a god. I want to believe that there really is a god more than anything, because if there isn't than there is no point to life, were all searching for happiness but if there is no god than happiness really is nothing but a chemical reaction in your brain. After seeing that scientologists could just make up a religion out of nowhere and have thousands of followers in no time, it makes it hard to believe in the bible and what people tell you. Also the bible says the earth has been around for 4000 years but there is so much proof including dinosaur fossils that are millions of years old saying that the earth has actually been around much longer. I also believe that our 5 senses touch, smell, taste, eyesight, and hearing aren't all there is to it. I'm sure that there are other things out there exactly like eyesight or hearing that can help us distinguish things but maybe we just haven't developed them yet. The bible states otherwise than what the theory of evolution says, but yet there is so much proof pointing towards the theory of evolution. If evolution is real than would it be possible that humans might be able to develop other senses than what we already have? If you are an atheist than what do you have in life to make you happy, even though you believe everything is just purely scientific and there is nothing more behind it.
Uploaded 09/17/2011
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