Rare Medical mystery Or a new reason to be religous ?

Hello you may have read my last crazy blogs but this one is totaly relevant! Just picture this I know someone Who may be a religous happening.. I can use his real name but i wont, so i will call him "Backyard Bottomfuck..aka BB".. BB has had a problem wich he didnt not realize is a sign of devine Prophesy. He my friends sat down got up from his chair then notice a red ring on his seat. He had "Anal Stigmata"!!! Can you believe that!!? he may be a new messiah or some sort of lesser kind of prayable person. But more than a priest or rabbi. Infact The priest rabi Duo should rub his stomach for good luck. He  Went for week Hiding this magical phenomina its only when he sat on my white couch did i see his true identity. Its as if he was touched by god, Inappropriately  And without restraint.Well he still denys being the new savior but i know the truth. Maybe i can sell him to the church..I will send his pinky toe in the mail , They will know who its from. When they bring my cash and give me the antidote they can have the prophet back. I will be charging people to pet him in his cage i have. It sound mean but i feed him often enough, and people like to throw saltines at him. At first he was allways complaining, so i had his voicebox removed then had him casterated. Now hes mad and girgles at the audiances. I think he needs some more lemons now, Oh he lives off lemons. And sometimes a slice of bologna. He accidently killed my cat this morning squezing it for licorice. well he is in a better place now. Actualy i left him in the cage with the prophet incase he gets hungry. Lemons can be pricey. If he doesnt pull his shit together soon im putting his cage on the bottom of my pool.Im sure he floats so he must be made of wood. Wood floats but what else does? That right ducks, People. So surely If he floats he must be a duck. Or wood. Aha ok monty python.. Nee! Just ranting excuse me .

Oh yea Strangely enough I tripped this morning and acccidently attacked him with a bat several times , accidenly. Anyone Hear How you impregnate a retarted girl without touching her? Put some seman on her shoe then let the flys do the work.. I was concieved by rape, LOl. What music do you guys like? any blues? I hope so but if not Please post some strange picks please , I consider tom waits and nick cave to be strange so if you know those  two ,You have an idea how strange strange can be.

Bored as ever  .Mister tired lazy and still needs his lawn mowed



Uploaded 11/13/2008
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