Reflecting on Reflections

What do you feel when you're staring back into the thing that you call yourself in the mirror? It's a delicate question. Ask some this, and they could lie. Some may be proud, other's disgusted. Self image- a scary thing. It's kinda sad, really. Most shoudl ahve positive ones, but here we are. Anyway, waht do you see when you look in that mirror? It sounds easy at first if you take it as the literal sense- just my reflection. But it's so much more than that, and I think most of you deny it. Are terrified by it. If you think I'm full of fuck, that's good. Maybe I am. Maybe you really do see just your reflection, or maybe you see a healthy, wonderful, beautiful person that you absolutely love. Or maybe you're just a cunt in denial, lying to yourself about the filth you truly are. I say embrace it. Whatever you are, embrace it, and if you're ashamed? Fix it. If you're not, or you can't "fix" it, accept it. It's a long and bloody road that too many people take too late in life. Me? I hate looking in the mirror. I'm reminded of the sack of meat I've been forced into, knowing that no matter how strong, fit, happy, healthy, or "perfect" I become, I am only mortal. Mortal. A man with doubts, hate, love, pain, temptations, weakness. Limited. I hate looking into the godamn mirror, and the more I stare into my own eyes, the more loathsome the meat I am becomes. Being human is the one thing I love and hate more than anything on the planet. My self image won't be restricted to a mirror. Can yours?
Uploaded 10/12/2010
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