RFID Chips In Your Food?

Damn these social engineers will stop at nothing to control our lives.  Now some scientists from  Royal College of Art in London wants to put RFID chips in our food. Your plate will be hooked up to your computer using Bluetooth technology to monitor everything you eat. The microwave would immediately recognize the item and cook it to perfection. Yummm!

They are already using them in medications to track a persons intake and doses of medication. 

I wonder if they will then track your poo to the water treatment centre for examination to determine your output and methane  contribution to man made global warming? If your levels get too high they will send you a warning followed by a fine and a letter that forbids you from buying any more refried beans.

You think that's weird,  here's what you have to do to a cow that is fed corn. Most cows in North America eat corn now due to subsidies from government. They don't digest it properly so you have to make a hole in the side of the cow to remove the gunk. Mmmmmm! Yum!

Uploaded 03/29/2012
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