Schoolyard humour

So, I've been a user for about six months, mostly to play one of those little Flash Games (Blast Billiards) because the tournament system here is much more interesting than the high score grind on the developers own site.  Anyway, I got a bit sick of seeing the eNoob tag on the reputation level, so I thought I would try to do somethning to boost my level a bit.

I'm not much of a video watcher, and find a lot of what is downloaded irritating, so not wanting to add to this, I decided to send in some jokes.  Looking at the jokes that were coming through, I thought that they sounded much the same as the jokes we told when I was at school (a quarter of a century ago - that sounds so much longer than 25 years, although both are a frighteningly long time), so I dusted off my memory (getting a mixing bowl for my metaphors while I was at it) and sent some rather lame jokes in.

The above joke appeared as a featured joke for some reason - bang my reputation soared out of the eNoob section.  It was also extensively commented on.  Well, I had changed it slightly to cater for the American market (The Nuns originally felt like Royal Marine Commandos) and most of the comments were pretty much the deprecating one liners I had expected (please tell me how bad this joke is - your comments all get added to my reputation), but some people were actually upset about the joke.  For all of you who were I added a second joke ( which relies on an orthographic  confusion between  "where's"  and  "wears"  which was  largely  ignored  -  read  it and be  outraged  pleased.

I have to say that I tried quite hard to make people upset again - Inclusing a joke aimed specifically at our colonial brethren (the last of my lame lightbulb jokes but only the featured jokes seem to get many readers.

Anyway, I have a few more nun jokes to add - hopefully I can upset a few more people and get some discussions going.  I have a fairly extensive collection of juvenile jokes, although given the quality of many of the entries under humour they sometimes seem like the hight of sophistication.

Uploaded 05/07/2008
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