Screw you Vietnam tour guides, and Ebaums!

So I was trying to be a model Ebaum's citizen (I don't actually live here, I just happen to have some vacation property here)  by flagging the nearly full page of Vietnam tour ads, that have been up for more than 7 hours now.  But nooooo!  Apparently some of them have been flagged "too many times" and I've been instructed to "stop trolling". 

First of all, fuck you!  If it's been flagged too many times, or I've been flagging too many blogs, that only goes to show how, well, negligent the mods have been when it comes to advertisements.

Second of all, I'm trolling?  Is that how I'm thanked for my contribution to the cleaning process?  Better yet, is that the new way of dealing with the actual trolls who flag perfectly good blogs out of childish spite?  I imagine there was some sort of meeting and discussion involved in that decision.  "Ok, so how are we supposed to deal with Neko and her 50-something accounts?"
"Uh, did you call her a troll?  That might work."

Here's a better idea.  Allow a couple full time bloggers the ability to delete ads.  Pick people who won't let the new found "power" go to their head.  Someone who will keep it on the DL and be respectful.   If they abuse the privilege, take it away from them.  You know, if you're going to find any mature and responsible people on this site, the best place to look would be the blog section.

Anywho, that's my rant for the month.

Uploaded 03/31/2012
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