See you in Hell

Tired of the religion blogs yet? If not this blog is for you! As most of you already know I'm a former Christian turned Atheist thanks to my Sunday school teacher giving a lesson on Genesis and the Biblical account of creation. As most people I hope do, I question my beliefs on a daily basis. As someone who lived until 17 thinking they would burn in Hell for eternity if they denied God, I still reason his existence vs. non existence. Not that I actually believe there is a chance God or a god is there, it's just something I do because I like to, and to strengthen my own beliefs.

One of the things that makes me believe there are no gods (especially the Biblical God) is Hell. How could a just AND merciful God send people to Hell for ETERNITY? Infinite punishment for finite crimes? Is that just or merciful? No. No one deserves eternal physical and mental torture. How could they? What could someone do in 100 years (at best) that could merit eternal damnation? Can anyone think of such a crime? Don't get me wrong; Hitler among others have earned their fair share of damnation, but for eternity? I don't think anyone deserves that.

Just think about it: a year for every atom in the universe multiplied by every atom in the universe  and that's not even one trillionth of the time you'd spend in hell. And why do we humans deserve such a harsh punishment? Because we don't believe in a being we never see or hear. A being who makes us horny and then sends us to Hell for acting on it. I'm sorry but I'm done. This bullshit is literally unbelievable. Believe it if you want, I just can't.

Uploaded 06/11/2012
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