Set-Ups No.1 and Neko's Narrative! A Must See!

I've been listening to the Dominique Struass-Khan case. Where this former IMF President allegedly raped a maid in a posh  New York hotel. We'll probably never find out the true intent of what is obviously some kind of set-up to destroy his reputation. Well obvious to me anyways.

This case reminded me of a local story that happened some years back. A huge disaster story for a family. Due to me having a former police officer in the family and many customers who are officers as well as work I've done for some prosecutors, many details of the story were given to me. All  legally unofficial  but interesting non the less. I won't include dates or names just the circumstances surrounding the tragedy of how lives got torn apart and no justice was served. I'm not even sure if justice is even a possibility.

The case started when a drunken, undercover police officer was returning from a biker party. He struck and killed a young man riding his bike. The officer didn't stop or call for help. He had a huge problem being an undercover agent within a very dangerous bikers gang. Due to his circumstances many more lives where at risk, including his own. To release the information of the case would mean a death sentence for the officer and possibly some other individuals.

However, the parents of the young man that got killed wanted answers and the officer that killed him charged. After lots of legal fighting, delaying and costs the officer was identified and charged as guilty. He served his time and now lives in limbo. The father and mother due to the stress, split up, got divorced. The house was eventually lost due to huge financial pressures and the father ended up in jail for rape.

How did the father end up in jail for rape? This is were I got the missing pieces of the story that can never be made official. Even a journalist cannot report this, due to the legal system and the cost of defending themselves if they did pursue it.

Shortly after the officer was convicted of the hit and run and just before the man had lost his house, (the wife had already left him) a certain young women would visit him. She would talk with him, make him coffee and just comfort him. Eventually, there was the occasional blow job and finally sex.

The man was charged with statutory rape, court cost mounted and he lost everything. A horribly destroyed life, no man could bear  the trauma he faced.

The girl, not women he raped, was a thirteen year old girl that looked eighteen. The absolutely fascinating detail that was never part of the story that I later learned about and confirmed with a few different sources was the girl was paid and instructed by certain officers to carry out her actions.
This was done for retribution on the man because he insisted on knowing the identity of the undercover officer and bringing him to justice. This cost the Dept. millions of dollars and the undercover operation scrapped.

Another sad detail that will never be released or justly dealt with is that this girl has been used before to charge other people, that the police feel should be put behind bars.

And now for Neko!

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