Since when did you tell people you were Anonymous.

So yesterday I was heading out to the local shop and across my apartment was a group of kids around the age of 17, took no notice of this.. but that's when I saw one of them wearing an anonymous mask.
I actually burst out laughing and asked him if he was doing a protest.
He replied that he was part of anonymous and that he was trying to get cars to beep their horn at him.
I asked him what exactly he thought anonymous was and he just said ' 4chan and stuff '
Now I don't know, or don't claim to know much about anonymous but this was the funniest thing ever.
A guy of around 17 with an acne covered face with a group of 13 year old girls telling me he was part of anonymous and telling me all his troll names.
The one thing about anonymous I do know is that if you are part of it, you don't tell anyone. THAT'S WHY IT'S CALLED ANONYMOUS.
He actually told me his name.
Uploaded 05/08/2011
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