Sleepless in Washington DC

Okay Obama lovers it is time to wake up and take notice. Yes, sorry this is another boring but necessary political blog.  I know there are still many starry eyed and dreamy faced Obama Zombies still staggering around out there waiting for their house payments to be paid and their free hand outs, but fear not, the King has not completely forgotten about you.

 With all the problems of the world right now our exalted leader is losing sleep over the economy.  Never mind the fact that Iran just had rigged elections and they are now having violent protests, never mind the fact that right after his speech of speeches he gave in Egypt there was a bomb set off at a Pakistani resort hotel that killed and wounded many people and let us not forget, even though the media will try hard to make you forget, about North Korea launching missiles left and right and testing nuclear bombs.  But, never fear, El Presidente is not sleeping at night due to the economic crisis he created.

 WTF!!!!!  We have a rogue nation, North Korea that is test firing missiles and expanding their nuclear weapons program, but the president fails to take action!!!  Every missile fired by North Korea should have been blown out of the sky and North Korea should never have been allowed to have nuclear technology in the first place.  Thank you Mr. Clinton.  As it is right now North Korea could hit Hawaii or the Aleutian Islands off the coast of Alaska.  North Korea does not have the right to have nuclear weapons not only because the leadership is dangerous and crazy, but one of the stipulations in the armistice of 1953 states North Korea is not to have nuclear weapons of any type for any reason, so The US should knocked the crap out of them for that.  And no they do not have the right to nuclear weapons!!!  I wanted to repeat that in case any naïve ignoramus out there wants to make the claim that we or anyone else does not have the right to determine that North Korea should have nukes.  Yes we do!!  Kim Jong Il has no problem starving his people, so what is going to keep him from firing off a missile at South Korea, Japan or the US?  Maybe China will, but Obama needs to stop running over to the worthless UN and start taking action.  Even Bill Clinton back in the 90s stated North Korea would cease to exist if a nuke was fired at South Korea; accidentally or on purpose.  What does our current president do?  Oh he loses sleep at night because of the economy.

Come on Obama, grow a pair, stop trying to make nice with our enemies and deal with North Korea.     

Uploaded 06/17/2009
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