so yeah

So i have wensdays off here in the store.. and well just call him dumbfuck works here when im off... so while im gone apparently someone comes in to pay on there cell bill and they pay cash.. they were payin 200 and some change.. thats all gravy. till he logs up on the system with verizon to post what they paid and puts in that they paid 800~~~~!!!!

so this person is walkin out with a 600 dollar credit on there damn acct! so im here at work today and i have a customer walk in and tell me they want to pay on the unlimited messaging on there prepaid acct . I told her .. which in our store you have to do this since we are not owned by verizon you have to call customer service with verizon and pay over the phone and she gets an attitude and goes that blonde haird boy let me pay cash here in the store and added it to my account.

I said im sorry mam but i am not allowed to do that and if he is doin that he is gonna get in trouble for doin so we are not supposed to do that the onlly way we are allowed to add money to your account via the system is if you buy the prepaid card we sell and you want more then that on your account.


so far this is like the 8th customer this week who has come in and yelled at me cause of dumbfuck.. seriously it gets old its not my fault he refuses to do his job the way he is supposed to UGHHHHHH

Uploaded 09/04/2009
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