Some medical advice

I have a happy life, things are good, there really isn't much to complain about except for one thing.  I'm hoping you can help me out with some advice on the subject which I'm sure you'll gladly dish out for me.  I'll start by explaining my day.

I wake up around 7am, usually slightly groggy but always with a bit of morning glory which I like to use to insert into the wife for a bit of a morning session.  Afterwards, I'll take a shower, refreshed and ready to start the day.

I'll arive in work for bang on 9am.  I work for a prominent law firm and I have a very tasty secretary whom I'll be banging away at by the time the clock hit's 10am.  Taking down notes is not one of this womans strong points but taking down her knickers is a different story, what a dirty bitch....brilliant!

For lunch I like to grab a quick bite to eat before rushing off to meet the girlfriend who only lives round the corner from the law firm for some mid-day nookie.  Oh what can I say about Amanda, horny as fuck, bit of a gower, shagging her is like throwing a sausage down the Mersey Tunnel.  I love it though, lunch time just wouldn't be the same without her.

Back at work and the afternoon can start to drag, so around 3ish, the secretary helps earn this years bonus by taking another banging.

On the way home from work, I'll normally visit the local massage parlour to let off a bit of steam.  Of course extra's are provided and well, let's just say I'll take full advantage and end up balls deep for the next half hour.

By 6:30 I'm back at home and just to show the wife how much I've missed her I'll give her a good seeing to before tea.  After tea as I'm letting my food go down, I'll also let the missus go down, she loves nothing more than a mouthful of my manhood for dessert.

Later on I'll go and meet the lads down the pub for a pint or two and being the good looking, charming bastard that I am, there's usually no problem in me taking some bird down the back alley for a good rogering.

By 11pm I'll go home for my bedtime but not before I give the wife one last seeing to and then it's time for a nap after a long and exhausting day.

And so that is my routine.  All sounds great doesn't it.  Well it is, but, there is one problem in my life.....why does it hurt so much when I have a wank????

Uploaded 10/11/2008
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