Something stinks..........

I live in Northern Ky and I love it here because as much as Like to think of myself as a straight up redneck I have spent to much time in the city and have gotten used to amenities like electric and running water. I kid people I kid, never had any of that running water. OK so today I was reading the Sunday paper and in case you dont know what that is reporters go out and dig up stories and put them on a thing we call paper sort of like albums and 8 track tapes soon to be gone, anyway a medium size city right on the Ohio river, the reporter said of all the children that go to school in the school district, 90% are below poverty and 10% are homeless.........think about this people 90% of the children. Please dont insult this story with the old well blame Bush crap, I know he has ownership but NO WAY its his fault nor is it the democrats fault. I think we have lost our way guys and it scares the hell out of me, this is the kind of thing that should scare all of us. I am one of those people who believes in the free market and thinks we should never just give money away but when I think about these children growing up in poverty and KNOW they will continue this life style because that is all they will know. I think we have lost our way and BIG business has lost site of "with great wealth comes great responsibility" and like the children that are being raised today (not all but most) nobody wants to take responsibility but they do love to take.


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Uploaded 06/14/2009
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