Something That Needs to be Said.

I'm tired from working my ass off trying to pay all my bills, but don't mind that, there are more important things to write about. I reserve the right to complain later.

There is something everyone who draws a breath needs to understand, "your education is the most important tool of your fucking existence".

You must appreciate, you mofos will all die without some basic education. I'm not talking about elementary or high school, but even beyond that is fucking basic shit. You would be so screwed if the electrical grid shut down. Your hand writing would be needed to communicate important messages. Basic mathematics and geography would be required just to move basic goods required for survival.

If the grid shut down how the fuck would you set up communications? I suppose we could use the pony express, but all the messages would be full of errors and misunderstandings. A well educated representative or person of interest is most likely to dismiss a poorly written letter in shorthand or longhand with grammatical and spelling errors.

Can you grow vegetables and preserve them? Do you have any ability in animal husbandry? Can you express an idea so that other people fully understand in either a technological or ideological way?

I have this horrific image of three hundred million people standing in front of a library, asking themselves, "are books good for eating"?

DO Not Let Your Education be Limited in any Way!! 

Uploaded 02/24/2011
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