Spanish to English easy guide to swearing.

Mexican Spanish English Translation
Tu madre es puta y pendeja Your mother is a whore and an asshole
Te picas el culo Pick your ass
Coma mi panocha Eat my pussy
Chingado/-a Fucker (m/f)
Pinche Retardado/-a Fucking retard (m/f)
Retrasado Retard
Chupa mi pito Suck my cock
Puta barata Cheap whore
Bajate a los chescos Suck my dick (lit. get down for the refreshments)
Vete a jalar el pescuezo al pollo Go beat yourself off (lit. pull the chicken's neck)
Aduana (Slang) Whorehouse
Agarraderas (Slang) Tits (lit. things to grab)
Alimentos (Slang) Tits (lit. alimony)
Aniz Anus
Aparato (Slang) Penis (lit. apparatus)
Apedrear (Slang) Stinks of shit
Bacalao (Slang) Pussy (lit. codfish)
Bombear (Slang) Sex outside of marriage (lit. to pump)
Berreadero Whorehouse, brothel
Calabazo (Slang) Buttocks
Chilito Little dick
Chinga tu madre Fuck your mother
Chingalo! Fuck it!
Chingar To fuck (also used as 'fuck you')
Chingate Fuck you
Chocho (Slang) Cunt
Chucha cuerera (Slang) Slut, promiscuous
Chuperson (Slang) Penis
Coger To copulate
Colgados Old tits
Cusca Slut
El de atras (Slang) Asshole (lit. the thing in your bottom)
El sin mangas (Slang) Condom
Mamey Cunt
Mula Impotent male
Pinche Fucking
Quedada (Slang) An ugly, old maid
Zurramato Dumbass
Besa mi culo Kiss my ass
Chupa mi pito Suck my dick
Metele mas Stick it in more
Metele mas lengua Stick your tongue in more
Besa mis huevos Kiss my balls (lit. kiss my eggs)
Chinga tu madre Fuck your mom
Pinche pendeja Stupid ass whole
Puto Male faggot, homo
Puta Female whore, slut
Cabron Asshole (to a male)
Cabrona Bitch (to a female)
Baboso Idiot
Ayotes Balls, testicles (lit. pumpkins)
Aguacates (Slang) Testicles (lit. avocados)
Aguayon torneado (Slang) Testicles
Albondigas (Slang) Testicles (lit. meatballs)
Los huevos Balls, testicles
Maleton (Mexican and South America) Son of a bitch (lit. you are a bad one)
Basculao Cunt, pussy (lit. codfish)
Nido Cunt, pussy (lit. nest)
La cocha (Mexico, Puerto Rico) Cunt, pussy
El funciete Cunt, pussy
Mamey Cunt, pussy
El morrongo Penis, dick, cock
La reata Penis, dick, cock (lit. rope)
El retazo macizo Penis, dick, cock (lit. stiff piece)
La riata Penis, dick, cock
El aparto Penis, dick, cock (lit. apparatus)
Abadesa Pimp
Colgados Tits
Las repisas Tits (lit. shelves)
Las agarraderas Tits (lit. things to grab)
Los alimentos Tits (lit. food allowance)
La tana Whore
Resbalon Whorehouse
La aduana Whorehouse
El zorrero Jerk, fool, dumbass
Picaflor Faggot (lit. flower snatcher)
Mariposa Faggot (lit. butterfly)
El quebracho Faggot, gay
El quebrachon Faggot, gay
El rul Asshole
El rulacho Asshole
Chucha cuerera Slut
La cusca Slut
Chingar To fuck
Ir a desgastar el petate To have sex (lit. to break the bed)
Ir a hacer de las aguas To have sex (lit. to go make some water)
Ir a la junta de consiliacion To have sex (lit. to go to a meeting)
Ir a la lucha super libre a calzon To have sex ( Lit: to go remove clothing)
Ir a percudir el cochon To have sex (lit. to tarnish the mattress)
Ir a rechinar la cama To have sex (lit. to make the bed squeak)
Ir a un entierro To have sex (lit. to go to the grave)
Revisar los interiores To fuck (lit. to visit the insides)
El mecos Masturbate
Chupame la polla (Slang) Suck my dick
Chupame mi pinga (Slang) Suck my dick
Chupame la polla (Slang) Suck my dick
Chupamela (Slang) Suck my dick
Jode su madre Fuck your mother
Jode sus madres Fuck your (you all) mothers
Muerdealmohadas Faggot (lit. pillow-biter)
Metemela Stick it in me
Mermelada de miembrillo Masturbate (lit. marmalade of the smaller limb)
Ir a desvencigar la cama To have sex (lit. to wear down the bedding)
Bastardiar (Slang) Sex outside of marriage (lit. to produce bastards)
Ve a chuparle el peson ha un chango Go suck a monkey's nipple
Caca pasa Shit happens
Pinche Cabron Fucking Asshole
Te meto la verga por el osico para que te calles el pinche puto osico hijo de perra! Put my dick in your mouth to make you shut the fuck up you son of a bitch!
Chinga pendao te' chucha Fuck dick you bitch
Puta Bitch
Que chingados quieres? What the fuck do you want?
Tengo que miar que mis dientes flotan I have to piss so bad my teeth are floating
Huevos Balls, Eggs
Culero Asshole
Verga Penis
Mamon Someone who boasts too much
No mames! Shut up!
Chingao! Fuck!
Un chingo A fuckload
Puto Faggot
Cualquiera Whore
Dale a la Madre Fuck him up (in a fight or competition) (lit Give him to the Mother)
Zorra Slut (lit. fox)
Vieja Woman or girl (lit. old lady)
Panzon Fatso
Bolillo Racial slur meaning white person (lit. bun)
Naco Jerk, low-class person
Fresa Preppy
Puñatero Masturbator
Chingón Bad-ass (cool guy)
Estoy hasta la madre! I have had enough!
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