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So I'm off to the wonderful United States of America for a short little visit to some city you guys called "New York"....or something like that. I've lived in Toronto; there's only one York I'll acknowledge, but to each his own, I guess.


I'm somewhat excited. I've never been to New York City before. My only real experience with the city is what I've seen on television....and that time I completely fuckin' leveled it in "Rampage"... so I'm kind of nervous about what to expect. I've lived in downtown Toronto, so I'm not going to be completely ass-tarded about conducting myself, but it seems to be a bigger, more aggressive beast than the old hometown was.


I've been put-up in a somewhat nice, modestly priced (for the city, anyway) hotel for three days while I'm there on a business trip of sorts. I get the first night to myself, spend the next full day pissing about with lectures and presentations, then get to unwind with a third day of nothingness, followed by my flight home the morning after. Excitement!!


So....any suggestions as to what to see? I'm really excited about hitting the museums, but other than that I've got no idea how to make the most of my trip. What are some really cool sights to take in? Central Park always looks great on film, but I'm guessing in reality it's dirty, hobo-ridden and smells oddly of feet. I'm also travelling alone, so I'm not sure what would be fun by myself. (I plan on eating most meals in my sad little hotel room for that reason.) God willing, it'll be the last time I set foot in that rat-trap, so I want to get the most from my experience. What to see....what to do?? Anyone? The flight leaves Monday morning and I'm not sure where to start on my outing.


Lastly, I know I'm going to get a bunch of "fuck a hooker" or "blow Letterman" type answers. Here's the deal: leave me one disgusting suggestion as well as a legitimate'll save us both time, really. I'm in a bind here, folks. Give me some ideas.


Thanks for reading,

-The Big Bad

Uploaded 09/26/2009
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