I have Grown so tired of the stupid ass stereotype that has been made by these idiotic fucks in hollywood. Making countless movies covered in the most retarded stereotypes ever. Like all girls act like sluts and only care about boys. and all boys are morons with a problem keeping their snake in their pants. Their are quite a few actors up in that picture I made that are part of the problem. These fucking morons don't know thier own face from their ass. Ok, so what they look good. but thier movies suck and they are in reality. nothing but a bunch of lowlife pop culture bitches that will soon be forgotten. and they constantly spew the same bullshit out over and over and over again. Freaky Friday, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Mean Girls, A cinderella Story, and New york minute. Its the same stupid shit all over again, same faces, same attitude, same story different name. Fucking stupid is it not. Now, These people are suppose to be role models. I saw Lindsay Lohan get out of a car after a night of partying with her fucking boob falling out and her not even noticing it. Then My friend knew Hilary Duff (she gave him Head. This is true) and then their that little faggot, Aaron Carter. whos been in a few less then cared for B- movies. He can't sing, he's just rich. The only reason why this little shit has any carreer is because of his even gayer brother. and little girls look up to these idiots for advice. Then thier is that stupid twin group, the OLSEN TWINS who wouldn't even be famous without the other one. and now ones on drugs or some shit, if one was to die then the other would be worthless. Wow, how relaxing it is to know that hollywood knows how to make movies and pick actors. Anyway, then they say the same stupid talk, OH MY GOD, and every other word is LIKE. Then ofcourse the main character is this talented beautiful but unpopular Girl who likes the guy that is going out with The most POPULAR GIRL at school. anyway, then The main character is hated by everyone including the popular girl who makes her life bad... then the main character gets back at the girl and gets the guy, along with solving whatever other weakly thought up Main problem that is up. Like Freaky Fridays bullshit switching storyline. and if you think that for on second that it was entertaining. you should die. Now anyway. Then there is some stupid morale that everyone learns and a Cheery ending with some comically family like shit.

Uploaded 01/30/2009
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