Still scared.

I just got done playing one of the most HORRIFIC video games ever.

You aren't given any sort of back story to this game at all. As soon as you press play it throws you right into the game. However, I was able to piece together what the story basically is through finally beating this little brick shitter. Apparently you're a mad man, We're never given the name but you can guess at what it is if you pay attention to the title screen. For some reason you escaped from what ever mental hospital room you were hiding in. Now, the very horrid state of your mind has transformed the halls of the hospital into nothing but a pitch black maze with the only light being the walls, which glow a deathly blue.

You're character is apparently some type of mad cannibal that you can barely control. You can force him to turn corners in the creepy hallway but not much else can be done. Your character seems to grab anything and try to eat it, whatever is in front of him he throws it into his mouth and munches it down.

While playing the game you're being chased by four hideous phantoms. You cannot hurt them at all, and to come even close to one is an instant death in which the ghost latches onto you and rips you inside out, all while you hear the horrible deathening noise of your body being torn.

You can however, eat these odd objects hidden in the maze. After which your character goes into an even more unstable state. You can literally eat the ghosts. Your character runs right up to them and devours them, only leaving their eyes.

There aren't many word words to describe how horrific and terrifying this game is, and I don't want to spoil the surprises for you.

Uploaded 06/24/2008
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