Stop already.........................

I am so tired of reading comments from people who DO NOT live in this country about our election. Now dont go running off saying that I am against anyone who doesnt live in America because that is not what I said. I keep reading these comments about how bad it is here and you dont even live here. I will tell you this we in America may fight amongst ourselves but you outsiders best leave it alone because we WILL stick together when it comes down to it. Just look at our history we do seem to like to fight and we will continue to fight amongst ourselves until the day the election ends. When the exchange of power takes place we will come together and start in on who ever is president because  this is freedom and our way of keeping a check and balance on whichever liar gets elected.


When it comes to these blogs about our election process read and enjoy but if you don't live here we really don't care what you think or I don't anyway. I personally think that an awful lot of you are jealous because you don't have the inauguration process that we do and what it stands for. When there is an exchange of power it is one of the most bbeautiful things you can ever be a part of. On that day I am so proud to be an American, for you see there is no exchange of gunfire just an exchange of ideals.

Uploaded 08/21/2008
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