Surprisingly Good

So, my husband and I are both big fans of sushi.  I started eating the stuff when I was probably 14 (first chance I ever had since I'd been landlocked most of my life), and my husband got into it when he was in Okinawa, Japan (bastard). 

As anyone knows who eats sushi, it gets expensive.  Really expensive.  My husband and I have racked up a bill of $80 in just sushi before.  Not to mention good sushi restaurants are in short supply in hickville. 

Needless to say, we figured that we needed to find an alternative.  So we started experimenting.  We started with just rolls.  The hubs got good at making them, so we had that for a treat.  But we didn't find good fish to use until yesterday.  :D  Now we have some salmon nigiri waiting for us.  Yum.

But the surprising part in all of this is the miso soup.  I love miso soup.  Love it love it love it.  And I found some instant miso at Walmart of all places.  I figured it was worth a shot.  I tasted it, and was pleasantly surprised at how close to restaurant quality it really was.  Then again, it'd be hard to fuck up miso soup.  Of course, I still want to make my own, but finding the miso and dashi around here isn't an easy task.  We just found a couple of oriental stores, so I'm going to have to take my recipes and go shopping one of these days.


So, I'm going to have a wonderful sushi dinner this evening, with Ube ice cream for dessert, and possibly some gyoza with dinner.  YAY!!!

Uploaded 07/23/2008
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