Tabula Rasa - The origin of Homosexusality

Never written a blog before, lets see how a controversial subject like this goes.
I have had this theory laying around the back of my head for a while. With the thought of Tabula Rasa, which I believe is true to some extent and is one of the most logical explanations to our upbringing. Just looking at adopted children, they don't retain any personality from they'r biological parents, that is achieved by they'r upbringing.
Homosexuals always say they were born that way and all that, now I'm just gonna put it right out there. I don't believe anyone is born in anyway. Well you might be retarded or handicapped and so on, but those are caused by physical deficiencies but you are not born homosexual. Homosexuality is a state of mind, in my opinion its a psychological disorder. And before you yell "gay basher", hear me out! 
Tabula Rasa, the clean slate at birth. Now I know a couple of homosexuals, some personally and some by reputation only. I talk to them when I meet them and know some of them from childhood and so on. What I've noticed with them all, is that they've all had dysfunctional or bad childhoods, some have been molested, some beaten, alcoholic parents, and some adopted. I do believe there is a strong connection between the dysfunctionality of a child's upbringing and the outcome of they'r psychological state later in life, this is most likely proven in dousins of other studies, but not connected to homosexuality. My research goes only to the extent of these homosexuals I know of. I happen to live in a small town, so information about the homosexuals I know of and they'r upbringing, comes easy.
I'm sure there are psychologists/sociologists with the same opinion as me, but its politically incorrect to say this, therefore it is not spoken of.
Anyways, that was my point of view on on the origins of homosexuals. 
Do you Agree or disagree ?

Uploaded 03/06/2012
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