tattoo gun

Bored?, to young?, wanna do something cool?, then read this article about how to cheaply, easily and quickly make a tattoo machine, very good if you wanna make some extra cash in prison.


  • small electrical motor (from a electric toothbrush, hand-held fan etc.
  • batteries
  • on/off switch
  • eraser of the top of a pencil
  • second from the bottom guitar string
  • non-electric toothbrush
  • tape
  • pen ink


First if you can get a hold of an electric tooth brush that you don't want you can just take the top off leaving you with the motor, batteries and the on/off switch already attached, otherwise you have to do the wiring your self. Then you need to cut the guitar string about 7" long and put a right-angle bend about a cm from the end, then get the pen ink and either file down the ball or just take the hole metal tip off, now you get the eraser from the top of a pencil and push it as hard as you can without breaking it onto the motor head ( the bit that kinda looks like a axel and spins when the motor is turned on) and make sure that when you turn it on it's nice and sturdy, then push the bent side of the guitar string into the eraser but make sure you push it in off the center ( this is critical), then put the other side into the pen ink, now you have to get the toothbrush, cut all the bristles off and melt it in the center then bend it so it's on a right angle, now just tape it up and there you have it, your own working tattoo machine. It should work kinda like a train does ( with the wheels, you'll get what i mean when you build it) This really works, I've personally done it myself and i can vouch for it myself.

Uploaded 08/28/2008
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